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Sarah Underwood

Enterprise architecture for data management is moving on, leaving behind traditional enterprise data warehouses and embracing the potential of semantic data models, decoupling systems, building on open source platforms, and deploying hybrid solutions.

Sarah Underwood

New commercial models for enterprise and reference data management differ significantly from those already installed in financial institutions and may be the solution to ongoing problems including reducing costs, improving data quality and providing scale to support increasing data volumes – but as yet they have not been widely accepted and proven in the market.

Sarah Underwood

A shortfall in budgets and an excess of regulations are financial institutions’ biggest reference data management challenges and they are not likely to ease with any speed as firms tackle ongoing needs to increase efficiency, reduce costs, meet regulatory requirements and improve data governance and risk management.

Sarah Underwood

Reference data utilities can improve data accuracy, completeness and timeliness, reduce financial firms’ data management costs, and support regulatory compliance – but to be successful they need to mutualise rather than outsource processes and offer flexible data consumption.

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To accompany our recent webinar on the Putting the LEI into Practice, we asked participants to give us their thoughts on the key discussion themes. Here is Marty Williams, Vice President, Reference Data Development, Interactive Data.

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The wave of LIBOR-inspired compliance requirements has particular implications for capital market participants. Proactive management of a firm’s risk and compliance environments is desperately needed to stay ahead of this wave.
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The past 12 to 18 months has seen the appointment of many chief data officers, in an apparent acknowledgment of the strategic importance of data to the financial institution. But what is the CDO’s role? Is it that of an evangelist or enforcer of internal data policies and procedures? Or something else entirely?

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October 23, 2014 - 3:00pm

Streamlined access to portfolio pricing and valuations data is emerging as a key requirement as firms strive to add transparency to their pricing processes. How can this be achieved, and how can...

November 4, 2014 (All day)

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The Data Management Summit - is back in New York City and co-located with the Intelligent Management Summit on November 4, 2014


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A-Team Group recently held a webinar on the popular topic of Pricing and Valuations, discussing issues such as transparency of pricing and how to ensure data quality.

Yes, we’re back. We were so blown away by the response to our first edition that we decided to come back with an expanded version of our Regulatory Data Handbook.

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