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Financial firms subject to MiFID II must tackle the problem of recording, retaining and providing access to market communications in order to comply with the regulation’s data retention requirements and satisfy any increased regulatory scrutiny of recorded calls and emails.

By Mike Urban, Director, Financial Crime Risk Management, Fiserv

Fighting payments fraud has become one of the biggest challenges for financial organisations across the globe. In recent years there has been an explosion in both access channels and real-time payment methods meaning that monitoring financial transactions and ensuring that they are secure and legitimate has become increasingly challenging.

The repercussions of the LIBOR price fixing scandal are likely to run and run.

We now know that from around 2005 onwards a number of banks were attempting to manipulate rates. Over $6 billion has already been levied in fines, and with $300 trillion-worth of contracts pegged to this all-important benchmark, the figure could well run to $20-30 billion over coming years as those affected recalculate their damages on the basis of what LIBOR should have been at the time.

Eagle Investment Systems is working on enterprise data management (EDM) projects with an increasing number of sovereign wealth funds across Asia, the Middle East and South Africa as they recognise the need to invest in financial technology and operate along similar lines to large institutional asset managers.

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To accompany our recent webinar on the Putting the LEI into Practice, we asked participants to give us their thoughts on the key discussion themes. Here is Marty Williams, Vice President, Reference Data Development, Interactive Data.

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The wave of LIBOR-inspired compliance requirements has particular implications for capital market participants. Proactive management of a firm’s risk and compliance environments is desperately needed to stay ahead of this wave.
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Alongside death and taxes, perhaps the only other certainty in life is that regulation of the financial markets will increase in future years. Already, initiatives including Basel III, AIFMD,...

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The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) present the market with a broad and complex range of obligations. In many cases these are the first set of common obligations that will impact Fund Managers, Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Fund Administrators & Custodians all at the same time! Going forward any entity that values fund or portfolios and must report these valuations to regulators or other third parties must adhere to these globally impacting regulations.

Data managers are tackling the issues of managing and distributing accurate and timely data across their organisations with the assistance of highly automated technology solutions. While technology plays a leading role in data management, there are other issues to consider, including product selection, procurement, project management and ongoing business development.

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